Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tantrums of a Borrower!

In my earlier days of signing loans I was called by one of my long time clients to do a loan closing in an very influential neighborhood. I received the docs the night before (Don’t we just love those companies of ours that get us the paperwork in a timely manner) I called the borrower to confirm time and address, prepped the docs, and got everything ready for the next day.

A well dressed man
The next morning I made my way to the borrowers home, rang the bell and was met by a young, handsome male dressed as if he was aboout to go play tennis. He rushed me in the door, sat me down in the kitchen area at the breakfast island, and asked for the paperwork. It was obvious that he was in a hurry. I asked for his identification and he ignored my question and once again I asked for the paperwork which I obligingly gave him. At this point he slide his ID across the table. With me on one side and him on the other, I took out my notary journal and began doing what I always call ‘housekeeping’. As I began filling out the journal he began just signing away. I tried telling him to make sure he signed as printed. But he ignored me and just kept on signing. (I didn’t make to much fuss about the signature as it was one of those squiggly signnatures that matched his ID. I have come to learn over my years as a signing agent that if the signature matches the ID. It will not be a problem.I have learned over the years which battle must be fought and won and which ones to let go.) And after all we are not he signature police….

The temper tantrum
But back to the story; because that is another story for another blog… lol. He continues signing very quickly and is finished just as I am finished with my journal entries. I ask him for them so that I can review them. Keep in mind he didnt read them at all. He hands them to me and as I am checking them he asked me about the interest rate… so I fan through until I get to the note and read off what the terms are. And he suddenly flips his top. He snatched the doc’s from me and starts jumping up and down, throwing his hands around in the air, yelling and screaming that now the rate was incorrect and he was going to be upset when he saw his children and ex wife. (I guess that was what the hurry was all about. He was going to have them come and visit or he was going to them after we had finished) Now picture this grown man screaming and yelling obsenities, jumping up and down, kicking the chair and the counter like a child then all of a sudden he takes the back of his hand and swipes the counter clean (this is where I am still sitting by the way) of all the objects that where on the table; nick nacks, crock pot and everything else went crashing to the floor.

Sorry, I can’t tolerate this behavior!
In disbelief and awe, I got up and start to put my stuff away. I’m thinking to myself this man is a slice or two short of a full loaf. I tell him that I must go at this point. And I will not tolerate this sort of behavior. But as I hastily began putting my stuff away he begins to calm himself and start to ask me whether he can keep these docs and I tell him that these are the property of the lender. He then immediately snatches the signed ones from my hand and tells me to bad but he’s keeping them irregardless. I let him that at this point this is fine with me and as I move to the door to let myself out he says to me to my shock and disbelief and that it was a pleasure to meet me and could he possible have one of my cards.. I did not even turn around….but I did answer him calmly and say;”" Are you kidding me!!! I will not be leaving my card nor would I be returning under any circumstances. He didn’t say a word. and I let myself out, After I got back to my office I wrote title a long detailed email regarding the closing and I never heard another word about it…..and of course I did get paid.
All I can say is that it takes all kinds…..

Until next time….be safe!