Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look I know the signing services provide a service and it is hard work but come on....It's almost 2013. Where did some of these folks come from? What is wrong with certain companies that hire us? They have all these rules and demands. Don't answer your phone in a closing. Don't call the borrower before you go, the appointment is all set. Then you get here then the borrowers didn't have a clue that you were coming. In fact sometimes they don't even know the loan is ready to be closed. Then they have the nerve to offer a whooping fee of 70.00 for printing, faxing back, travel and time. And whats with all the last minute cancellations? (After I have turned away several other jobs that may have went through) Who pays for this? But what is even more unsettling is that some of you are taking these 70.00 jobs. At this rate believe me you are working for FREE. I mean lets face it, everything is going up but our pay. Gas, paper ink, advertising, etc. But the fees are constantly going down. I was doing signings for 75.00 over 6 years ago. Today some of these signing companies are offering even less than that (and they want more duties from you) and it costs us way more to operate but they still are insisting we take lower pay. Now I'll be first to say that it is your business and you are calling the shots, and making all the decisions for what best for your business. And it may sound as if I too am telling you what to do. But, I just don't see how anyone can make a decent living taking this type of low paying work. I think that if you crunch the numbers you'd see that you are more likely than not operating at a loss. I truly believe that if we collectively stand our ground and refuse these low paying jobs it would make it better for all of us. But unfortunately, this probably will happen. There is always someone that will take these jobs regardless of what I or anyone else tells them. Some feel that they need the work so badly that 'some' work is better than 'no' work. Personally, I want to work smarter not harder. As most of you all know I believe in making what I am worth. Remember that without us most of these loans WOULDN't get closed. Now, before anybody starts up, I am NOT talking about price fixing. I am talking about getting paid a fair amount that matches the work being performed. Many service orientated businesses have guideline as to what to charge and they are pretty close to others that are of the same profession.. If we don't stop and think about the effect of what we do not only has on us but on others and this profession ....very soon it wont even be worth the effort. Until next time! Be safe! ~Carmen