Saturday, January 30, 2016

NO Drop boxes Please!

I know allot of you use drop boxes (Fedex,UPS,etc) to drop your doc's. And before you say it, I know some of you have no other options that are close to you. In this case your options are limited. You are forgiven :). Maybe you have had issues with this or maybe you haven't. But regardless it is something to consider, if at all possible please don't drop your packages in drop boxes. Because. If it goes bad and the docs get lost and you have no documentation It can cause you a great amount of grief, stress and aggravation and in the end it could cost you a valuable client. To prove my point, here is one story of several that has been shared with me. I had a notary just the other day call in to 123notary. From her tone she was obviously very upset. It seems she had completed a signing successfully and had dropped her docs on a Friday in one of those infamous drop boxes of Fedex and it was now Tuesday and (she gets that dreaded call) the title company still hadn't received them. (I thought to myself, this is going to be bad.) When the notary and title went to track them, there was no tracking information available. To make matters even worse there was a substantial amount in a cashiers check also in the missing package. The assignment that had been given to the notary was the purchaser of the property. SO now everyone is upset and confused as to what to do. Now in my mind I'm thinking why in the world would you drop a set of docs in a drop box especially with a large amount in a cashiers check. This to me is is a disaster waiting to happen. The first thing I let our notary know is that unless absolutely necessary you should always hand your packages to a driver (and ask him to scan them or take them to hub or service center, have them scan them and get a receipt. This way YOU are off the hook. Which brings me to another point...PLEASE remember when you are required to fill out the shipping labels you should always list their name as the shipper and the recipient. This serves two purposes. One, if it gets lost it will go back to them not you. And Second, if they (the hiring party) doesn't pay their bill then you won't get the bill.. If you put your name in the sender's section and they don't pay their bill it will without a doubt go to you... Until next time! Be safe! Carmen

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