Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The lady and her husband....

Sometimes I just don't get what some folks are thinking!!! Seems a notary accepts a signing for the same day that her husband was being released from the hospital. But rather than not accepting the job or making other arrangement for her husband she decides to pick him up and take him to the signing with her. And of course she feels that she cant watch him if she leaves him in the car she drags him to the front door Introduces him to the borrowers explains that he has just been released from the hospital and she had no other choice but to bring him along. The man is on a oxygen and from other information that I was able to get out of her he was not well at all. So not thinking any thing about this behavior she drags him on in the borrowers living room sits her husband down in an arm chair and tells them lets get to it. She doesn't want to rush them but she has to get her husband home. I am listening to this story and I am think "WHAT, Is she serious??? I asked her, Do you see anything wrong with your behavior? She says, "No, what was I supposed to do? It is obvious she has no clue. She felt that she had no other options. I saw a couple but hell it was to late now. Damage had been already been done. It seems that the borrowers had complained BIG TIME...ummm, duh...I asked her, 'Did you think for one minute that they wouldn't". She actually didn't think so. Its funny how folks seem to think they can say and do anything they want but are surprised that there are consequences for their behavior. I asked why did she just find someone to take her place, She said bottom line she need the money.... So needless to say she lost a very valuable client. Thanks for reading Be safe! Carmen

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